White Collar Defense & Government Investigations


In the age of whistleblowers, tip lines and the 24-hour news cycle (not to mention hyper-vigilant regulators and prosecutors), more people than ever are minding your business. Know what to do when the spotlight turns your way.

Brown Rudnick is a law firm designed for speed and performance. In an age of whistleblowers, tip lines, and the 24-hour news cycle, more people than ever are minding your business. Brown Rudnick’s White Collar Crime and Regulatory Investigations Group has the experience, depth and judgment to provide that response. Our lawyers include former prosecutors and regulatory officials in the key global jurisdictions of today’s enforcement environment, and together have decades of experience in the highest-profile criminal and regulatory matters. When potential issues arise, our team has the expertise to drive the investigation, get ahead of the issue, and avert or manage any crisis. In these situations, an internal investigation is not an end in itself, it is a means to an end. We focus on the key issues, anticipate the questions the enforcement bodies will ask, and convert a reactive situation to a proactive strategy in order to achieve the best outcome efficiently.

If you learn of allegations of fraud, crime or regulatory violations – regardless of how they come to light or how incredible they may seem – you need the right advice, early. As a result of our practical experience and genuine understanding of how regulators and enforcement agencies work, we will be able to identify swiftly whether a matter requires action and assist you in assessing the risk of shareholder or personal action being taken if no investigation is undertaken. We will also assist you to calibrate the risk of a potential whistleblower, disgruntled employee or competitor taking matters out of your hands.

If an internal investigation is required, we will conduct it in a proportionate manner and in line with agreed objectives and outcomes. As a result of our extensive experience and interaction with the investigative agencies, we have substantial insight into the breadth and depth of information they likely will require. We use that insight in refining the range of issues from the earliest stage and placing our focus on the crux of the matter.

We avoid “mission creep” by working proactively toward the desired goal. We report regularly to you and apply controlled processes to each phase of an investigation to ensure that it is appropriately tailored and proportional to the circumstances. For corporate investigations, one size does not fit all, and bigger is not always better. That is why we work with you to structure our approach. Our investigation is protected by legal professional privilege, which ensures that you can receive a candid assessment of the situation and decide on a course of action within the confines of a confidential environment. If you decide that it is in your interests to disclose our findings to the regulator, we will do so in a way that, as far as possible, maintains privilege against third parties and in subsequent civil proceedings.

We understand the unique dynamics of international investigations and can assist you in determining whether any reports need be made or whether action taken solely outside of the enforcement arena will be appropriate.

We can also help to identify the most cost effective and productive way to divide the work among different professionals, teaming up with forensics firms, IT providers, accountants, or investigators as appropriate to ensure that we have a tailor-made set of capabilities on-hand to address the situation.